Las páginas web móviles aceleradas han llegado para quedarse, es preciso estar atentos a todas estas movidas para sacarle provecho

Accelerated Mobile Pages Project

The AMP effort is building both momentum and speed. There has been significant progress not only since the Developer Preview in early October, but even since the last update a couple of weeks ago. Let’s take a look:

Google will begin sending traffic to AMP pages in Google Search as early as late February, 2016. Twitter will begin to experiment with linking to AMP content provided by publishers early in 2016. Pinterest, currently testing publisher AMP pages in their iOS and Android apps, found that AMP pages load four times faster and use eight times less data than traditional mobile-optimized pages. In addition, today we’re announcing that leading messaging apps LINE, Viber, and Tango will link to AMP content in early 2016 as well.

CMS and analytics providers are critical players in the AMP ecosystem and have stepped up with fantastic support for the initiative. WordPress will support all publishers…

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